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Leslie Dongell : Traveling with Family

Leslie Dongell is a Mother of two. she’s also self-employed and often travels with kids by side for work.It might sound chaotic, but traveling with your little ones doesn’t need to be (very) stressful. As adventurous parents like Leslie Dongell know, a bit of preparation goes a long way. Tips like those can make exploring the world with your kidds fun for everyone involved. The following destinations pick together :

Paris :

HongKong :

Singapore :

Leslie Dongell: 10 Best Places to Visit with Kids

In this article, Leslie Dongell shares the name & images of some best places where you visit with your kids. This list is created by Leslie Dongell after discussed with the expert travelers.  So hope you will like this!
Maribor Slovenia

West Midlands, England

Puglia, Italy

Edinburgh, Scotland

Brittany, France

Florida, USA

Toronto Canada

Leslie Dongell: 5 Places to go With Toddler